Fixing Time Wasters: Good Habits to Improve Productivity as a Hybrid Worker

Have you ever looked at the time and wondered ‘where did the day go?’ Have you felt disappointed for not accomplishing as much as you planned? 

Chances are, you either have too much on your to do list (which we will get into in a later post) or you’re not being as productive as you could be. Here are some common reasons why you’re not being productive and some good habits to improve productivity.

Common Time Wasters that Affect Productivity

Social Media

  • Let’s not start a list of all the social media platforms out there. I admit: I use quite a few for my social and business life. The problem was that I was spending way too much time on it. It’s just so easy to spend hours on there without even realizing it. To avoid this mistake, try scheduling a particular time of day to spend on social media and keep yourself honest by setting a timer.
  • Be purposeful with your time. If you run your own business, promote yourself, network, find an inspiring article, etc. If you’re going to be on there, do something great for your business,… something that will bring rewards in the present and/or future.

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I’m a sucker for my TV shows. I love getting lost in a great story line and forgetting about reality. It’s relaxing for me. If you have the option, record your shows. This allows you to fast forward through commercials and cut your TV watching in half.

Whatever you do, don’t use your business hours to plop on the couch. Avoid watching tv while working. It’s impossible to truly focus on your work and watch tv at the same time, no matter how good a multi-tasker you are. Furthermore, watching one episode can easily turn into 2 or 10. Before you know it, you won’t feel like doing anything else.

Phone Calls / Texts

  • Do you know someone who likes to chat during your business hours? If you know a chatter box, five minutes turns into an hour or more. Thanks to caller ID, you can avoid these calls unless you have the extra time available.
  • Calls can interrupt the flow and focus of your work. Consider using the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on your phone when you need to really focus on a task and minimize interruptions. On most phones, you can still allow calls from certain numbers such as your spouse, children, children’s schools, etc., to avoid missing important calls.
  • Texts can be as time consuming as phone calls. Don’t feel the need to respond to text messages right away. It’s okay to wait until later or to respond with a message that you’re tied up at the moment but will touch base later. Your friends and family should understand that you may not be available during work hours unless it’s an urgent matter.

Adopt Good Habits to Improve Productivity

Don’t get me wrong, technology and social media platforms can be a great asset for your business. Keeping in touch with family and friends is good, but know your limits. Use calendars and timers to your advantage.

Don’t let social media, TV or your phone lead to an unproductive day. Accept that your time is valuable and make the most out of your business day by adopting good habits to improve productivity. Time wasters are different for everyone; these are just a few culprits for yours truly.

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